The Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) supports one of the most important action forces in the Applied Artificial Intelligence field in Canada.

Indeed, the FORCE.IA, an initiative between JACOBB and six College Center for Technology Transfer (CCTT), has been offered a financial assistance of over $ 2.6 million. This sum will help accelerate co-financing for the development of concrete industrial solutions with a network of Quebec businesses.

With more than 125 professionals in applied research strategically located across Quebec, JACOBB and the CCTT partners (CDRIN, CIMEQ, CIMMI, CRVI, CyberQuébec and Productique Québec) *, are already present in the innovation ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI).

Quebec innovation is set to grow strongly to support economic recovery. That’s why MEI’s financial support will further help local businesses and organizations to accelerate the integration of emerging machine learning technologies into their products or processes.

In addition, this alliance will provide the much-needed cohesion in the AI deployment within companies and initiate pragmatic anchoring with the 52 other CCTTs of the Synchronex Network, as well as the members of QuébecInnove. These future collaborations will involve appropriation of AI technologies by the fertile and creative ground of Quebec companies and organizations. This initiative also promotes international collaboration to maintain our current status as an applied AI research leader.

“Edilex is proud to count on JACOBB’s AI, innovation and applied research expertise, in order to concretely redefine the highest standards of future legal practices. ”
Gabriel Morency, Partner, CEO of Edilex

“It is with a lot of passion that JACOBB works to build visionary but pragmatic projects, as well as collaborations involving industrial and academic players and the government”
Mathieu Boisclair, General Manager, JACOBB

“Getting the 59 CCTTs to work together to ensure the successful, rapid and efficient integration of artificial intelligence by local businesses and organizations can only constitute an extraordinary competitive advantage for Quebec. The MEI sees beyond by supporting this project! ”
Marie Gagné, President and CEO, Synchronex

“Due to the nature of their research activities and their geographic proximity, College Center for Technology Transfer (CCTT) are important players in the Quebec artificial intelligence ecosystem. Their collaboration is essential because it generates convincing results and significant economic benefits throughout the territory. Our government is therefore proud to contribute to the FORCE.IA initiative, which will provide the necessary support to entrepreneurs so they can carry out their development projects. ”
Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation

*CDRIN, Center for development and research in digital intelligence, located in Matane. CIMEQ; Quebec Microelectronics Innovation Center, located in Sainte-Thérèse; CIMMI, Center for digital imagery and interactive media, located in Quebec; CRVI, Center for robotics and industrial vision, located in Lévis; CyberQuébec, Innovation Center specializing in cybersecurity, located in Gatineau; Productique Québec, Innovation center specializing in manufacturing intelligence, located in Sherbrooke.

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