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Applied research

As JACOBB is a member of QuebecInnove, various types of financial assistance can be applied to applied research projects and can also be matched to maximize your chances of success:

We have the experience and the capacity to help you speed up the process leading to well-structured projects with granting agencies.

In all cases, our applied research projects are excellent candidates for linking to R&D tax credits such as:

  • the R&D tax credit for salaries and wages
  • the tax credit for university research or research carried out by a public research center or by a research consortium
  • the tax credit for pre-competitive research in private partnership

Other useful resources:

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Technical help

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Dissemination and information

Multiple projects aimed at developing new tools for applied AI and educational approaches are at the heart of the Center’s mission. Teachers can collaborate with the JACOBB technical team, among others via the following financial aids: