JACOBB Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence’s mission is to facilitate the application of artificial intelligence in the Quebec economy

To accelerate the progression of artificial intelligence into Quebec’s economic fabric.


Intelligent innovation: Conscious and responsible innovation, benefiting our present and future society.

Knowledge sharing: Active participation in the developpement of collective intelligence.

Pragmatic expertise: Committed to deliver concrete and useful solutions, supported by a high performance team.

Board of directors

The board of directors is composed of public education leaders, dynamic business executives and artificial intelligence users and/or specialists. The Board of Directors also relies on the participation of experienced observers from MEI and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

  • John Halpin, Executive Director, Cégep John-Abbott
  • Pascale Sirard, Executive Director, Collège Bois-de-Boulogne
  • Gabriel Morency, President, Edilex
  • Florent Chandelier, Chief Technology Officer, Imagia
  • Chantal Provost, Deputy Director of Studies, Collège Bois-de-Boulogne
  • Teresa Berghello, Academic Dean, Cégep John-Abbott
  • Marco Blouin, Executive Director, Science and Innovation, MEI (observer)
  • Corinne Guénette, Regional Director General, Innovation, Sciences et Economic Development Canada (observer)

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